Porirua locals support Government proposal to limit vape shops

Some people said it was a "good idea" that "has to happen" as there's already enough vape shops in communities.

One woman told 1News she supported the move and was saddened to see children she estimated to be 10 and 12 years old vaping – well below the legal age of 18 and above.

Another man said everything, including vapes shops, have a place in communities, but he wasn't sure about the proposed measure.

Vaping risks creating a new generation of nicotine addicts

A leading public health agency says the growing number of teenage vapers is a real problem, and the government needs to act now to prevent the creation of a new generation of nicotine addicts.

Hāpai Te Hauora chief executive Selah Hart says data from a recent study of adolescent health and wellbeing- showing 80 percent of teenagers who vape at least once a month had never smoked suggested many rangatahi did not understand the damage vaping could do.

Vaping Bill is almost there - can we get something to help achieve Smokefree 2025

The Vaping Bill passed its second reading around 11pm last night moving with urgency under extended hours in the remaining three sitting days before Parliament adjourns for the general election. Only two days earlier Hāpai Te Hauora and a number of Smokefree champions led the call for stronger legislation in the bill to support whānau who want to quit smoking and choose to do that by vaping.

Youth vaping study results are encouraging but effective education and regulation still urgently needed

A major study of youth smoking between 2014 and 2019 by ASH New Zealand and the University of Auckland shows that while some young people are experimenting with vaping, daily use of an e-cigarette is occurring overwhelmingly in existing smokers.