Minimising Gambling Harm Workforce Development

Te Kākano is tasked with providing credible, relevant and useful Workforce Development programmes to the Gambling Harm Ministration Public Health Workforce. The range of resources available to the sector include the annual training, Prezi’s and a few case studies. Alongside these resources are the handbooks; Public Health 101, New Kaimahi Induction, Programme Planning and Evaluation, a Writing Guide and a Tertiary Education Guide.

Te Kākano aims to provide a range of innovative and engaging platforms that support the adoption of a robust Public Health Framework with the Gambling Harm Minimisation Workforce.

Key Highlights

  • Completion of the Gambling Harm Minimisation Public Health workforce competencies (due to be released 2016)
  • Delivery of Regional Training's across New Zealand
  • Establishment of a working group for a Gambling Harm Special Interest Group with Public Health Association of New Zealand
  • Development of a series of new handbook resources here
  • Updating of relevant case studies and website interaction points here
  • Maintenance of Workforce Development opportunities for the sector here

He Taumata

He Taumata

All of the Te Kākano PMGH PH training modules and education tools can be found on the He Taumata website.

Our Team

Nari Faiers

National Workforce Development Lead

Fusi Mesui

National Administrator