What is a submission?

Voting in the general election is not the only way to have your say – when laws like the one to create a Smokefree Generation are being discussed in Parliament, you can have your say and present your thoughts on it by doing a submission. MPs who have been chosen because of their expertise in this area will then meet in a Select Committee to make informed decisions and it's their job to gather information and prepare a report on the bill for the rest of the MPs, including recommending changes to the bill.

Why do I need to make a submission?

Participating in these decisions is your right, in fact, it is crucial for our government to know and understand what is really important in our diverse communities. If you know someone who has smoked or vaped, someone who has quit, someone who wants to quit, or want to protect tamariki from ever starting then your submission is needed!

I can speak to the committee?

Yes, you can choose to speak to the Health Select Committee and share your thoughts. If you say yes, they may invite you to speak either in person or via video conference. If you need some support, reach out to us and we can support you.

I’m not great at writing – can I submit my thoughts a different way?

Yes! There are lots of ways to make a submission, you can write one, record a video or even audio. If you’re part of a community group (like a church), sports group or even your whānau you can even put a submission in together as a group. Come to one of our events and Hāpai Te Hauora will even help you record a submission! If you can’t make it you can email us at and one of our health promoters will help you put something together.

I don’t know what to say!

No problem, we’ve put together a few questions you might like to answer and include as your submission.

Why do they need to hear from us?

Māori and Pacific voices have gone relatively unheard for a long time, especially in the process of government. Because our thoughts and opinions haven’t necessarily been heard by select committees, our laws and decisions have rarely reflected what is most important to us. Smoking and other tobacco impact our whānau the most, with the majority of negative health effects resting on our shoulders. We can change that with this new law and your submission will help.