New research has been released which shows that vaping in New Zealand is a popular alternative for those wanting to quit smoking tobacco. A recent survey on vapers was conducted by Dr Penny Truman and colleagues at Massey University. The study found that the majority of participants started vaping in order to quit cigarettes. Results also demonstrated that vaping may be less addictive than smoking, as shown by longer delay times in the morning before vaping and a trend of reducing nicotine levels in e-cigarette liquid over time.

Lance Norman, CEO of Hāpai Te Hauora believes these findings indicate that the government is heading in the right direction in helping reducing the harm of tobacco consumption. Norman states, "this study shows us that e-cigarettes should work as part of a supply reduction strategy; increase the price discrepancy between tobacco to harm reduction products like e-cigarettes, decrease tobacco availability and increase harm reduction options.

Norman explains that "we need to make the healthiest choice the easiest and less costly, and this is e-cigarettes." Our perspective on smoking is consistent with healthcare professionals and research experts in that quitting smoking fully and at the soonest opportunity is the best possible action a smoker can take to improve their health. However, Norman states that "if quitting were that easy, interventions to date would have been successful with our Māori and Pasifika whānau so we need to continue down the harm reduction path".

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