I te taha o toku Maatua
Ko Tawhiti Pahi toku Maunga
Ko Paerengarenga toku Moana
Ko Awa Poka toku Awa
Ko Potahi toku Wharenui
Ko Ngati Kuri toku hapū
Ko Mamari toku waka 
Ko Te Aupouri oku Iwi

I te taha o toku Whea
Ko Rangi Poua toku Maunga
Ko Moananui a Kiwa toku Moana
Ko Haparapara toku Awa
Ko O tu whare toku Wharenui
Ko Rutaia toku Hapu
Ko Kurahaupo toku waka
Ko Te whanau a Apanui oku Iwi
Ko Brenda Chilvers taku ingoa 
Tēnā koutou Tēnā koutou Tēnā koutou katoa

Please share a bit about your whānau with us. How would your whānau/ friends describe you?
I have 3 adult tamariki and 4 mokopuna, my mother who is in her 86th year lives me with and offers great support from her wealth of wisdom. My whānau might describe me as to caring (alternative interpretation, nosey). I much prefer caring- that’s the way my love rolls. My friends describe me as kind, loving, trustworthy and reliable. I enjoy some amazing friendships with some amazing people who give me as much as I give them, this is my philosophy “you get back what you put in”.  
What motivates and keeps you going in your mahi?
My motivation for this mahi comes from the people I support and the people I have worked with who share the same passion and dedication. After a 20-year investment, I remain committed to a Smokefree Aotearoa. I knew when I signed up for this work that it would take time to achieve such a worthy goal and I like the idea of being part of something that will impact the health of generations to come.

Who has inspired you in your work and why?
That’s easy! Denise Barlow is an incredible woman and such a fighter for smokefree Aotearoa. Denise worked tirelessly developing and delivering smokefree education presentations, that would influence the smokefree practice of the entire health workforce of New Zealand. Denise brought me on board in 2009 and together we spent the next 8 years travelling around NZ delivering smokefree training sessions. I met some outstanding people who were inspired by our training to start delivering smokefree practice in their respective workplaces. 

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges we face today in enabling smokefree whānau and what do you think are the solutions?
On the ground - subsidise vapes they will help us A, B, C errs immeasurably 
In the beehive - I believe our biggest challenge is to keep going! The 2025 Smokefree Aotearoa goal is admirable and has provided some great publicity and huge drive. My concerns is that we need to keep going- let’s not drop the ball so close to the line.