Sosifa (Joe) Mesui

Projects and Logistics Support

Malo e lelei,

Oku ou kole ke u faka tapu mo fakatulou kiate ki moutolu.

Ko hoku hingoa ko Sosifa Mesui 

Ko eku ongo matu’a mei Kameli, Neiafu Vava’u mo Navutoka, Tongatapu.

A father of 6 and a resident of Mangere, born, raised and educated in both Auckland and Blenheim, and enriched with Tongan heritage. 

Joe came to Hapai with a background in building and horticulture across a number of years, as a volunteer in 2019. 

Since then, Joe has been appointed to the role of (title on emails) officially since 2020, and is a backbone support across the entire organsation. Joe ensure's the background work is done, so that our Māori Public Health events, hui, and wider kaupapa run smoothly and without interruption. 

Joe enjoys meeting new people, engaging with all walks of life in our communities, and has a passion to support people who want to find a purposeful employment pathway.