Tobacco is four times more available in low-income communities compared to affluent ones, says a Māori health organisation.

Hāpai Te Hauora said increasing the tax on tobacco was good but reducing where it was sold would be more beneficial to Māori.

However, one researcher disputed that and said the best thing for Māori was to scrap the tax hike altogether.

Hapai Te Hauora spokesperson Mihi Blair said there was a stark difference in how much tobacco was available in different parts of Auckland.

"If you go down Kelston, which is another low-income area, around one school there are five dairies selling tobacco and a couple of liquor stores selling that.

"Compared to if you go to Remuera, you will notice that there is one dairy on Remuera Rd, and two liquor stores on there, and only one of them actually sells tobacco."

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