Due Date: 
Monday, 21 December 2020
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The Human Rights Commission
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The Human Rights Commission is seeking feedback on new draft Guidelines on the new draft Guidelines on the human right to a decent home in Aotearoa.

Chief Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt says the government has a binding human rights obligation to create conditions which permit everyone to enjoy a warm, dry, safe, accessible and affordable home.

“Human rights do not prescribe the socio-economic system required for implementation of the right to a decent home. That’s for government to decide. But whatever system is chosen, it must deliver.”

The Chief Commissioner adds that one of the problems is that there is very little awareness in national and local government of what the right to a decent home, grounded on Te Tiriti, means in the unique context of Aotearoa.

The Commission welcomes feedback on the draft Guidelines by the close of business on Monday 21st December. Submissions can be made to righttoadecenthome@hrc.co.nz. The Commission will also be undertaking consultations during this period and welcomes the opportunity to meet with people to discuss feedback.

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