Spotlight on Boyd Broughton

Boyd Broughton is a name we have seen regularly over the past few years in tobacco control. Boyd is a Programme Manager for ASH New Zealand and is an active family man. Boyd has been a long time tobacco control advocate and we thought it would be great to get know Boyd just that little bit more. We asked him a few questions and here is what Boyd had to say...


Ko au tētahi o ngā uri ō Te Ramaroa, Taupiri Maunga, Hikurangi Maunga hoki.

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"Spotlight On ..." - As a way of highlighting and celebrating members of our Tobacco Control Whanau, The Tobacco Control Update, is proud to bring you "Spotlight On ..." 
We have an amazing collection of people working in all aspects of Tobacco Control, all making  a contribution to our governments goal of Smokefree Aotearoa 2025. 
This series of interviews will give you some insight in the many and varied members of our whanau and introduce you their work, passions and motivation in doing what they do.