Hāpai Te Hauora raise concerns after racing legislation rushed through Parliament

The New Zealand Wellbeing Budget was released only two weeks ago, representing a global anomaly in its attempts to prioritise the wellbeing of people in line with economic growth.

Selah Hart, Chief Executive Officer, Hāpai Te Hauora, says "The true measure of this budget’s commitment to wellbeing depends on the government’s ability to combine fiscal resourcing with meaningful policy and action across all domains of the public sector."

One News - 'It's hitting them young' - too much screen time risks exposing children to harmful advertising, expert warns

Children that spend too much time engaging with digital screens risk being exposed to harmful advertising, an expert warns.

Wiremu Manaia, a senior lecturer in technology at Manukau Institute of Technology told TVNZ1's Breakfast his biggest concern is "screen time technology addiction" and the impact online advertising has on children.

Examples of harmful advertising are messages about fast food, gambling and tobacco and alcohol.

Gambling is not a harmless pastime: get gambling out of sports says Māori public health organisation

We are only now beginning to understand the extent to which children are exposed to harmful advertising including alcohol, tobacco and fast food. Recent studies have shown that children are exposed to alcohol marketing on average 4.5 times a day. For Māori and Pacific Children this number is five and three times higher, respectively, than that of NZ European children. Unsurprisingly, it is through sports that exposure to alcohol advertising remains high and Hāpai Te Hauora has similar concerns around gambling marketing.