Position detail

Title: Kaiwhirwhiri – Pubic Health
Preventing Gambling Harm - Maori Public Health

Report to: Kaiwhakahaere Preventing Gambling Harm

Hours of work: 1.0 FTE

Based at: Hāpai Te Hauora Ltd, 6-8 Pioneer Street, Henderson, AUCKLAND

Purpose of the position:

Support community leaders working towards Maori public health outcomes with the objective to prevent the harm caused by problem gambling on whānau, hapū and iwi across Auckland.

Areas of intent as per the contracts deliverable include:

Policy Development and Implementation.
Support the development and implementation of policy/submissions on behalf of Hāpai. This mahi will be carried out in partnership with whānau, hapū and iwi as well as other Maori organisations which will contribute to achieving positive health outcomes for Maori.

Provide advice to local governing bodies and key decision making stakeholders that align to whānau, hapū and iwi objectives and strategies.

Contribute to sector leadership and advocacy in the MInimisation and Prevention Gambling Harm sector, by developing public health approaches which improve the health status for Maori communities aligned to national well-being measures.

Supportive Communities
Work to ensure communities have access to services and information that provides strong protective factors and build community, family and individual resiliency. This will require you to assist in building relationships across a wide range of public health services, as well as other sectors and disciplines.

Encourage discussions around the ethics of pokie-based community funding. Search for solutions to this issue to enable self-determination to sit at the centre of any community development project.

Aware Communities
Raise awareness of gambling activities and the well-being implications these activities have on whānau, hapū and iwi. Participate in community days and building/strengthening established relationships. Provide opportunities for communities to become involved in finding solutions to preventing harm from gambling and self-promotion of the goals they wish to achieve.

Workforce Development and Research
Participate in problem gambling workforce development opportunities and research that will strengthen the sector, as well as the Maori community.

Internal practices that Hāpai staff are expected to follow:

1. Administration, reporting

a) Work within the organizations policies and procedures.

b) Provide information and/or written reports to the CEO and/or his/her representative as requested.

c) Attend and participate in Hapai meetings and any other meetings as required by the CEO.

d) Provide a summary of projected activities. Assist with the preventing gambling harm six monthly report to MOH.

2. Relationship Management

a) Develop and maintain working relationships with other agencies and

stakeholders that support actions and priorities from the Hāpai strategic plan.

b) Actively continue to develop and maintain good organisational relationships

internally and externally.

c) Develop and maintain strategic alliances that may contribute to the reduction in disparities for Māori (i.e. Regional & National Forums).

d) Report to the CEO and at staff meetings on the nature of the relationship and

outcomes of interaction with other organisations.

3. Professional Development

a) Identify professional development requirements that support health promotion and public health action annually.

b) Actively seek internal and external feedback to assist with self-assessment and developments.

c) Undertake training where training is identified and agreed as required

4. Organisational

a) Demonstrate leadership and innovation.

b) Participate in annual performance appraisal process.

c) Participate in organisational activities that promote professional growth of the


d) Must at all times present his/her self professionally as per the Staff Code of


e) Provide Mentoring and support for any new staff (Leadership Support.)

f) Participate in Board membership as requested by CEO (i.e Regional and/or

National levels).

g) Obtain a comprehensive understanding of the business.

h) Understand key opportunities for the business.

5. Other

a) Be responsible for undertaking other duties as requested from time to time that meet the annual operational plan and/or strategic priorities.

b) All staff are required to understand key opportunities for the business.