Due Date: 
Friday, 11 May 2018
Submitting to: 
The Department of Internal Affairs
Issue Area: 
Gambling Harm

SKYCITY Entertainment Group LTD has applied for changes to a number of casino game rules. 

The Department is now seeking submissions on the requested amendments.


The proposed amendments will be assessed in accordance with the purposes of the Gambling Act 2003. The Department seeks your comment on the applications. Comment in relation to the purposes of the Act is valued, with particular reference to whether any of the proposed amendments will impact on the purposes of: 

  • preventing and minimising the harm caused by gambling, including problem gambling
  • ensuring the integrity and fairness of games
  • limiting opportunities for crime and dishonesty
  • facilitating responsible gambling.

We ask you to make your submission with these particular purposes in mind. In particular, we welcome comments on whether the proposed amendments may raise harm prevention and minimisation issues that you believe require consideration. 

More information is availible here

How to write a submission