This compared to costing nearly $38 in average for a pack of 25 cigarettes from March 2018 according to Stats NZ.

Tobacco products experienced a 7.7 percent increase in price in 2018/19 but is expected to rise by around 11 percent from today.  

Increasing the cost annually is all part of the Government's mission to have less than five per cent of New Zealanders smoking by 2025. 

According to the National Health Survey, one in eight Kiwis still smoke daily but the number is decreasing. 

However,Māori, a Hāpai Te Hauora said in a statement that despite the proportion of smokers dropping significantly, the number of Māori smokers is reducing far less rapidly than Pākehā smokers.

They say positive effects of the tax hikes appear to be disproportionately in favour to the more privileged groups. 

"Put simply there are far, far fewer dairies that supply cigarettes in Remuera, Auckland’s wealthiest suburb, than in Manurewa, its least wealthy suburb, and that pattern is nationwide," says Mihi Blair, spokesperson for the National Tobacco Control Advocacy Service. 

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