Stop before you start

Stop before you start is a campaign which asks people to think about their relationship with tobacco. It has been produced by the Health Promotion Agency (HPA) in support of Widder efforts to make New Zealand smoke free.

Smokefree Rockquest

Smokefreerockquest is New Zealand's only nationwide, live, original music, youth event. Now in it's 29th year, the series of over 40 events reaches audience in excess of 10,000 every year.

Smokefree nurses

Smokefree Nurses receive government funding for the majority of its activities and is now a non-profit advocacy group which supports nurses in their vital role of helping clients and patients quit smoking.


Since arriving into the Tobacco control space in 2009 Tala have been working alongside key stakeholder groups to champion Pacific leadership on tobacco issues. Their aim is to empower Pacific peoples to be actively involved in eliminating
tobacco use from our communities.

World smoke free day

Internationally, World Smokefree Day is known as World No Tobacco Day, and is celebrated annually on 31 May. World Smokefree Day is celebrated and delivered at a local level through the theme being applied to current initiatives and priorities.